Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Candy

mugs 5.00
scok with bear and white chocolate sucker 3.00

snowman mug with stuff for hot coco 5.00

mug with hot coco 4.00

bear with candy cane 2.00

sock of chocolates 4.00

tin w/chocolates 5.00

peppermint bark 2.00 a bag

cashews 1.50

almonds 1.50 also have peanuts 1.50

coconuts clusters 1.50

pretzels .50 each chocolate, white chocolate, double dip milk chocolate with peanut butter

nutty butter snowmen 1.00 for 2

dipped oreos 1.00 for 2

rock candt 4.00 lg bag 2.00 sm bag

lg. bag of white bark 5.00

Also have Chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge 4.00 each I'll get a pic. up


  1. Hey Trudy!!! How are you? You made the nutter butter snowmen. They look great!

  2. You have an evil blog! It's making me crave chocolate. *laughs*

    Those were some yummy goodies.

  3. I had to come back the evil blog that makes me want chocolate even though I'm trying to be good just to say that I think I fixed the video of Taylor if you want to try and look again.


  4. I bet your house smells divine! My mouth is watering...